Procedures for Submitting New Reports

Last Updated: February 23, 2016

New submissions are only accepted from NPS offices. Submissions from external contributors are welcome, but must be submitted by a sponsoring NPS office.

  1. Decide if the manuscript is better suited for the NRR or NRDS report series.
  2. Decide which report template software platform to use (MS Word or Adobe InDesign).
  3. Download the appropriate document template (is bundled into a zip file that also contains NRPM Manuscript Submittal Form and Checklist, or MSF).
  4. We suggest that all authors layout reports using one of our MS Word software templates, downloaded within the last six months, and that you make two copies of the template.
    1. Use one copy of the template as a format and layout reference guide.
    2. In the second copy, delete everything between the introduction and inside back cover pages, and either type directly into the blank template or copy and paste your report content from other documents.
  5. Report authors should work with at least two preliminary peer reviewers to fine-tune report content as much as possible before continuing further. At this point authors and editors should:
    1. Concentrate most heavily on document language, data results and analysis, and graphics.
    2. Not pay too much attention to the more volatile aspects of format and layout in MS Word documents such as: The placement of page numbers on and near landscape pages, the exact placement of graphics and tables, dynamic report elements (lists of contents, footnotes, etc.).
  6. When there are absolutely no more pending preliminary peer review edits to language, results and analysis, or selected graphics: we recommend that a single final layout editor reformat each individual page using a fresh template downloaded within the last six months.
    1. For MS Word, we suggest that all the final edits be done on a single computer, and that the final layout editor stick to a single-column layout with more simplistic layout techniques for things like images, dynamic charts and graphics, and tables.
    2. For Adobe InDesign, we also suggest that all final edits be done on a single computer, and that the final layout editor always be a NPS employee that has experience publishing NRR and NRDS reports using InDesign.
    3. If More than 50 copies of the report are to be printed and distributed, contact Fagan Johnson for information regarding additional print layout formatting requirements.
    4. If the report is expected to have widespread public distribution, or potentially be subject to significant public scrutiny: please contact Fagan Johnson for information regarding additional accessibility policy formatting requirements.
    5. If the report is deemed to be 'Highly Influential Scientific or Scholarly Information' as defined by the OMB Peer Review Bulletin; provides the sole or major component of information used in decision-making; or, by itself, leads to a change in the direction of decision-making or to a decision that creates a clear and substantial impact on important public policies or private sector decisions:
      1. See the NPS Interim Peer Review Guidance for special peer review and reporting procedures that need to be followed.
      2. Please contact Fagan Johnson for information regarding possible additional print layout and accessibility policy formatting requirements.
  7. Fill out the first section of the Manuscript Submittal Form and Checklist (MSF), and find the appropriate NPS management-level employee to assign an official Peer Review Manager for that report.
  8. When a final draft of the document meets the specifications desired by the author(s) and preliminary peer reviewers, send a copy of the MSF and the final draft of the report to the report Peer Review Manager.
  9. Work with the Peer Review Manager and the layout editor to edit and update the report during the Primary/Policy round of peer review editing. Once again, we suggest that all changes be made by a single person working on a single computer.
  10. When the Peer Review Manager is satisfied and there are no a more pending edits, the Peer Review Manager fills out the second section of the MSF.
    1. This indicates that the Peer Review Manager personally vouches for all document content, that the document fully meets NRPM Peer Review Standards, and is ready for immediate and absolute final publication.
  11. Either the person originally submitting the report or the Peer Review Manager should send the MSF and the final draft of the report to Fagan Johnson for the final layout policy review.
    1. For all reports generated in MS Word, send us the final draft in MS Word format (.docx).
    2. For all reports generated using Adobe InDesign, send us the final draft in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf).
  12. The Fort Collins support office will fill out the third section of the MSF, and will send the contributors further instructions for uploading the final PDF version of the report to the NPS Data Store (online digital library and archival application).

Edits to published NRTR, NRR, and NRDS reports are restricted, and especially after reports have been made available to the public in any way (e.g., physical copies sent, digital copies distributed by email, report posted for download on any public-facing website, including the NPS Data Store). Learn More »

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