Procedures for Submitting New Reports

Last Updated: September 30, 2013

  1. Decide if report content and scope is best suited for the national or regional report series. The national series is recommended in most cases.
  2. Decide if the manuscript is better suited for the NRTR, NRR, or NRDS report series.
  3. Download the appropriate document template and the required NRPM Manuscript Submittal Form and Checklist (MSF).
  4. Prepare the manuscript using the format and layout standards provided in the template.
  5. Obtain initial peer reviews by at least two, and preferably three, qualified reviewers.
  6. Contact the appropriate NPS office to find out who will be the official Peer Review Manager working with you to perform the final peer review of your report.
    1. If you are not sure who to contact, email the Fort Collins NRSS office for help.
    2. For reports generated by a park or through an I&M Network, contact:
      1. The appropriate I&M Network Program Manager or I&M Network Data Manger.
      2. If you are not sure which network, here is a map of the individual I&M Networks.
    3. If the report was generated by multiple I&M Networks, or through an NPS I&M Regional office, contact the appropriate I&M Regional Program Manager(s).
    4. For reports generated by or through one of the Natural Resource Stewardship and Science (NRSS) Divisions, contact the appropriate NRSS Division Chief (NPS Only).
  7. Fill in the first section of the MSF form, and submit it and the draft manuscript to the Peer Review Manger to begin the final peer review of your report.
  8. The Peer Review Manager works with the person submitting the report to edit and update the report to meet the Peer Review Manager's standards.
    1. The end product of the final peer review should be an absolute final draft of the report that is ready for immediate publication.
      • There should be no pending edits, and authors should be willing to live with all language, numeric values, and graphics presented in the report after this point.
    2. The Peer Review Manager also makes sure that the first and second sections of the MSF form are filled out correctly.
    3. Click here to see a list of NPS Peer Review Manager responsibilities.
  9. After the peer review comments have been addressed, the person submitting the report sends the final draft of the report, along with the MSF form, to the Fort Collins NRSS office.
    1. If the final draft was created using:
      1. MS Word - Submit the final report in MS Word format.
      2. Adobe InDesign - Submit the final report in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf).
    2. Suggested ways to send-in new reports:
      1. Using an online file sharing site (FTP, SharePoint, etc.). This is the preferred method, especially if the final draft of the report is more than 20 MB in size.
      2. Attached to an email (maximum of 20 MB per email message).
  10. The NRSS office:
    1. Reviews the final draft for publication policy issues (official NPS disclaimer and copyright language, report series and NPS graphic identity standards, NPS-approved fonts, etc.)
      • Identifies and fixes any known software bugs that would cause MS Word files to export incorrectly to Adobe PDF format.
      • Looks for and notes any publication policy elements that still need to be fixed (both MS Word and PDF reports)(only policy issues - not main report language, graphics, etc.).
    2. Assigns the next available NRTR, NRR, or NRDS report number in that series to the new report.
    3. Creates a draft reference in the NPS Data Store.
    4. Obtains the NPS Technical Information Center (TIC) reference number for that report (a new NRTR, NRR, or NRDS report number is required to obtain a new TIC number, and the number that we give them is permanently archived in the TIC system).
    5. Sends all pertinent information back to the person submitting the report to finish and upload the final PDF to the NPS Data Store .
  11. The person submitting the report works with the Fort Collins office to incorporate any absolute final updates to the report.
  12. The person submitting the report activates (makes public) the draft NPS Data Store record created for them by the Fort Collins office, and uploads the final Adobe PDF to that same NPS Data Store record (mandatory for all NRPM reports).

Edits to published NRTR, NRR, and NRDS reports are restricted, and especially after reports have been made available to the public in any way (e.g., physical copies sent, digital copies distributed by email, report posted for download on any public-facing website,including the NPS Data Store). Learn More »

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