Natural Resource Publications Management (NRPM)

This site provides information about the Natural Resource Reports (NRR), Natural Resource Data Series (NRDS), and the legacy Natural Resource Technical Reports (NRTR) report series.

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See our procedures page for more information about submitting a new report. New submissions are only accepted from NPS offices. Submissions from external contributors are welcome, but must be submitted by a sponsoring NPS office.

Manuscripts must adhere to a set of minimum standards and are peer-reviewed to ensure that information is scientifically credible, technically accurate, appropriately written for the intended audience, and designed and published in a professional manner.

About Our Report Series

Natural Resource Reports (NRR): used to disseminate comprehensive information and analysis about natural resources and related topics concerning lands managed by the National Park Service. The series supports the advancement of science, informed decision-making, and the achievement of the National Park Service mission. The series also provides a forum for presenting more lengthy results that may not be accepted by publications with page limitations.

Any peer reviewed report concerning natural resources on lands managed on NPS lands may be published in the NRR series. Examples of NRR reports are below.

  • Reports that present quantifiable data, data analysis, and any sort of interpretive discussion concerning those results, including:
    • Inventory reports.
    • Monitoring reports.
    • Species status reports
    • Research study reports.
  • Procedural reports (protocols, standard operating procedures, etc.).
  • Planning reports (monitoring plans, data management plans, etc.).
  • Any report with a significant focus on NPS policy and/or land management issues (natural resource condition assessments, land management reports, etc.).

Natural Resource Data Series (NRDS): intended for timely release of basic data sets and data summaries. Care has been taken to assure accuracy of raw data values, but a thorough analysis and interpretation of the data has not been completed. Consequently, the initial analyses of data in these reports are provisional and subject to change. Examples of NRDS reports include:

  • preliminary data summary reports (release of data results prior to a more detailed analysis)
  • periodic/annual data summary reports for long-term monitoring or research projects

NRTR Reports were historically used to disseminate the results of scientific studies in the physical, biological, and social sciences for both the advancement of science and the achievement of the National Park Service mission.

The Natural Resource Technical Report (NRTR) series will be merged with the Natural Resource Report (NRR) series on January 1, 2015.

The merge creates no additional steps for authors, editors, or peer review managers. The Fort Collins support office will handle most things for you during the final review for all new reports, and you can continue to submit reports using the older NRTR templates for most of 2015.

Archived copies of all previously published NRTR reports will remain available for download on the NRTR page, and in the NPS Data Store.

Background (Why the Merge?)

In 2009, the original rules that specified the chapter organization for the NRTR series were discontinued. This change removed the main distinctions between the NRTR and NRR series. Additionally, since 2009:

  • Reports published in both series included quantifiable data along with related analysis and interpretation.
  • The templates for both report series were nearly identical.
  • Both series shared exactly the same peer review and publication submission processes.
  • Having two report series with such overlapping scope was a continuing source of confusion.

In September, 2014, the NPS I&M Division Leadership Team approved the merging the two series into a single NRR series.


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