NPS Director's Order 12: Conservation Planning, Environmental Impact Analysis and Decision Making
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Chimney Rock National Historic Site, NE8.4 NPS Review of Non-NPS NEPA Documents — Departmental Comment Letters

Review of all external proposals, EISs, reports, permits, regulations, and so forth is controlled by OEPC under 516 DM, 7 and the Environmental Review Memorandum series (e.g., ERM 94-2) published by OEPC. Instructions for consolidated review are distributed to bureaus by memorandum from OEPC. Unless direct reply has been established, a consolidated Departmental reply will be prepared. When an NPS office has a document for review, but no Departmental distribution memorandum, that office should contact EQD or OEPC to determine the status.

Comments of NPS and other Interior bureaus, when consolidated into a Departmental review letter, either by a designated lead bureau or by OEPC, are signed either in Washington or by the designated Departmental Regional Environmental Officer (REO). Copies of comment letters signed in WASO are provided through EQD to appropriate field and program offices. REOs supply a signed environmental review letter to the NPS field office, a copy of which the office should in turn send to EQD. EQD and REOs distribute copies of review letters so that NPS analysts and reviewers will know the department's position and can compare it with the comments they submitted. Any time a substantive change to review comments is being considered, the original author of the review comment must be consulted.

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