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Antietam National Battlefield, MD3.8 Categorical Exclusions — Administrative Process

The decision to categorically exclude an action from further NEPA analysis is documented using the CEF (see appendix 2). This form is signed by the park superintendent or his or her designee. You should attach the CEF to the ESF, and make sure both are available for public inspection upon request. The action may be implemented immediately upon approval and signature of the park superintendent or designee. Because no specific public involvement is required for CE, it is often difficult for those who may be interested to know what actions a park has taken. One way to comply with the diligence requirement (see above) is for parks to maintain a current list of categorically excluded actions and update it quarterly. This list could be sent to a mailing list of interested members of the public, or simply made available upon request.

Any relevant permit information or documentation of consultation with other agencies should be attached to your completed CEF and ESF and become a permanent part of the project files.

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