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These offerings bring you glimpses of nature and science through audio and video. Explore videos about a National Park Service icon, George Melendez Wright; ocean ecology; and biodiversity with Dr. E.O. Wilson. Download the Air Quality Podcast. Check back often, as our multimedia content will continue to grow.

bats in crisis

Bats in Crisis Video Series

White-nose syndrome is a deadly disease threatening bat populations in our national parks. This video series invites you to learn more about white-nose syndrome, how park staff are working to control the spread of the disease, and what you can do to help.

Phenology Citizen Science

Climate Change Video Series

Learn about the science behind climate change, how it is effecting our national parks, and how the Park Service is responding. Watch videos on a variety of climate change topics — citizen science, sea-level rise, glaciers, and more!

The night sky at Grand View Point in Canyonlands National Park

Clear Air & Magnificent Skies

Our national parks provide scenic views of some our country's most unique landscapes, and opportunities to explore the dark night skies. Watch this video to learn more about the way air quality and light pollution are impacting these natural treasures, and what we can do to help protect them.

E.O. Wilson

E.O. Wilson Video Series

In these four videos, Dr. E.O. Wilson, professor emeritus at Harvard University, discusses the importance of respecting the planet's biodiversity and the role the National Park Service plays in preserving it. Gain a better understanding of the roles even the little things play in our ecosystems and the spark that started the movement toward protecting them.

George Wright

George Melendez Wright

"Am I visionary or just crazy?" wrote George Melendez Wright to a colleague at the start of his bold undertaking to document the plants and animals in national parks. His perseverance and belief that the National Park Service needed a scientific understanding of its wildlife populations established the foundation of the National Park Service mission to leave parks unimpaired for future generations.

Get Involved Screenshot

Get Involved

George Wright's legacy lives today through the hard work, dedication, and passion of volunteers and through the stewardship and interest of future generations. Watch this video to learn more about how park visitors can protect "America's Best Idea" and carry on in the spirit of George Wright.

I&M Video Screenshot

Inventory & Monitoring Video Series

In these videos, the National Park Service Inventory & Monitoring Program invites you to explore examples of inventory and monitoring research in national parks and understand our relationship to the natural world to promote protection of these places for future generations.

I&M Video Screenshot

Inventory & Monitoring: What We Do (and Why)

Meet the ecologists working to provide National Park Service managers with the information they need to make decisions based on science. Listen to the ecologists explain what they do and why it is so important.

Historical Cannon at Gettysburg National Military Park

Managing Natural & Cultural Resources

Join us on a journey to Gettysburg National Military Park, a place where the National Park Service works hard to preserve our national cultural heritage. See the historic battlefields and listen to why it is so important to protect them for future generations.


Ocean Video Series

Listen to retired National Park Service scientist Gary Davis introduce you to this exciting, mysterious world and learn about the conservation and scientific efforts the National Park Service engages in to protect oceans for all life on earth. View these three movies to fully immerse yourself in an ocean experience.

Caution Sign

Oil Spill Video Series

For over 100 days, oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico. Even with the well capped, the impacts of the oil and the restoration of parks affected by the spill will span years, if not decades. Watch these movies to learn how science helps the National Park Service protect park resources.

On the Air podcast logo

On the Air Podcast

Air quality affects all areas of the planet and has become an issue for many national parks. Learn how the National Park Service is working to monitor and understand the impacts of air pollution at national parks.

Science Video Screenshot

Science in Parks

George Wright's legacy lives today through the hard work, dedication, and passion of natural resource managers and scientists, too. Watch this video to learn more about these professionals are protecting "America's Best Idea" and carrying on in the spirit of George Wright.

The night sky at Grand View Point in Canyonlands National Park

Taking the Long View

Clean air and clear views draw people to national parks each year and are an important part of what makes parks special places. Air pollution and development can affect views. Watch this video to learn more about clean air and clear views as valued community resources at Shenandoah National Park.

Last Updated: January 20, 2016