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Feature: Bears in National Parks

Bears at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park & Preserve Brown bears at Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park & Preserve

Bears are found in nearly a third of all national parks across the United States. Discover which parks have bears, what types of bears are found there, and how you can stay safe while visiting your national parks. Learn more »

Science in Your National Parks

National parks contain many of our nation's most treasured landscapes, from the majestic mountain ranges of Alaska to the vast sawgrass prairies of the Everglades. To safeguard these treasures, the National Park Service combines the best available science with innovative education and stewardship programs, such as Biodiversity Discovery, the Climate Change Youth Initiative, and Geoscientists-in-Parks.

We encourage you to "Explore Nature." Learn about the natural resources in parks, from the rocks under our feet to the sky overhead and everything in between. Discover the issues that affect our parks and how we join with neighbors and partners to address them. Meet the people who protect our parks and learn how you can help preserve these treasures for generations to come.

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Healthy Parks Healthy People initiative

Healthy Parks Healthy People initiative

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Park ranger and intern taking water quality samples

Statistics for national park lakes and streams

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There & Back Again

Humpback Whale

Migratory species in national parks

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Last Updated: December 09, 2014