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Earth Science Week Classroom Posters

Rachel Dye, Geoscientist in the Parks participant, at Cape Cod National Seashore.


Every year the Geologic Resources Division of the National Park Service partners with American Geosciences Institute to create an informative poster for the Earth Science Week Toolkit. These posters incorporate geologic concepts relating to America's national parks. They can be used as a classroom resource to help build understanding of key geologic concepts.

Past Earth Science Week posters are available to download for your classroom and are a strong foundation of many geologic processes associated with national parks.




Classroom Posters


cave visitor

Caves are diverse, fascinating, and rich in resources and a valuable part of our geologic heritage. This classroom poster helps students learn about Caves of the National Parks and why caves are important.
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Geologic Time

Geologic Time poster

Every park contains some slice of geologic time. In this poster we highlight a few parks associated with each geologic time period. Download PDF...

Geologic Maps

Crater Lake Geologic Map

Geologic maps are crucial to understanding an area's geologic framework and the evolution of its present landscape. Learn how park staff use geologic maps and see examples of park geologic maps. Download PDF...


Fossil gastropod at John Day Fossil Beds

Parks provide visitors with opportunities to observe fossils in a natural state, within rocks, and to learn about ancient animals, plants, and the ecosystems they inhabited. Download PDF...

Geologic Heritage

Geologic heritage

Geologic heritage is the legacy of geologic wonders that we inherited from the past, enjoy today, and preserve and pass on to future generations. Discover what role geologic heritage plays at many park locations. Download PDF...


USGS image, volcano

Discover how volcanic processes constantly change Earth's surface, what geologic features are associated with volcanoes, and what the different categories of volcanoes there are. Download PDF...


Glacier study at Lake Clark NP and Preserve

Learn about the powerful forces of a glacier, where glaciers are found, and the different types of glaciers located in several national parks. Download PDF...

Geoscience Careers

Guest Scientist taking field measurements

Are you interested in learning about the Earth and its resources? A career as a geoscientist might be for you!
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