For the more information about the geologic resources of the National Park Service, please visit http://www.nature.nps.gov/geology/.

Contacts: NPS AML Advisory Committee

Washington Office

NPS Employee gathers coordinates of an abandoned mine feature, Death Valley National Park, California and Nevada (NPS photo)

John Burghardt
Geologist / AML Program Coordinator
Geologic Resources Division
(303) 969-2099

David Steensen
Division Chief
Geologic Resources Division
(303) 969-2090

Lisa Norby
Branch Chief
Energy and Minerals Branch
Geologic Resources Division - NPS
(303) 969-2318

Steve Rice
Water Resources Division
(970) 267-7234

Regional AML Coordinators


Linda Stromquist
Geologist / Regonal CERCLA Progam Manager
Regional Office
(907) 644-3576
Sarah Venator
Physical Science Technician
Regional Office
(907) 644-3573


Linda Dansby
Environmental Protection Specialist
Regional Office - Santa Fe, NM
(505) 988-6095


Chris Holbeck
Natural Resource Program Manager
Regional Office
(402) 661-1864
Leo Acosta
Resource Management Specialist
Regional Office
(402) 661-1870

National Capital

Chris Stubbs
Chief of Resources Management
Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park
(301) 714-2210
Diane Pavek
Research Coordinator / Botanist
Regional Office
(202) 339-8309


Marian Norris
Aquatic Ecologist
Regional Office
(202) 339-8306
Andy Steel
GIS Specialist
New River Gorge National River
(304) 465-6556

Pacific West

Ben Roberts
Chief of Resource Management
Great Basin National Park
(775) 234-7561


Tom Blount
Supervisory Resource Management Specialist
Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area
(423) 569-2404 x252
Etta Spradlin
Biological Science Technician
Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area (423) 569-2404 x254


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Last Updated: February 13, 2015