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Unit Code Unit Name Network Name Region Name Map Status Scope Status Fiscal Year Revised Year Notes [-] ImageunitAbbrv
CAKR Cape Krusenstern National Monument Arctic Network Alaska Region Waiting On Someone Else yes 2015 2015 2014-0414: backing out to FY 2015 based upon Ron K saying he'll only get BELA AND KOVA this year…..2013-1121: Noatak 1x3 part of state map Ric Wilson says should be available soon (spring 2014) …….2011-0202: not likely for FY 2011 so backing down to 2014 for now ……2010-1129: need better summary inserted here…2007-0917: follow scoping summary Image CAKR NM
CHIS Channel Islands National Park Mediterranean Coast Network Pacific West Region Waiting On Someone Else yes 2015 2015 2013-1210: backing out to 2015 for now……..2012-0717: MEDN call on CHIS reveals that n USGS Muhs, Minor and Schumann are remapping all islands over next few years…..2011-0202: have bedrock geology for 3/5 islands from weaver stuff (not anacapa and santa barbara); park wants surficial of all 5 isles but no funding source identified…..proposed USGS 2011 funding….approval unknown..….backing down to 2013 at earliest…….2010-0315: Georef'd images to NGS benchmarks, some difficulties. Placed them in: Z:\GRE\gis_nps\_by_gmap_id\ _staging\chis; 2010-0312: Phil Reiker looking at gmaps for 3 of the islands to digitize (Santa Rosa; 75156, San Miguel; 75157, and Santa Cruz; 75158); need to georeference to bench marks, and still need Anacapa and Santa Barbara to complete park though…. 2009-1203: have several CHIS gmaps to sort thru and evaluate in folder Z:\gis-nps\_by_gmap_id\CHIS_muhs…..2008-0922: need Greg Mack mapping plan Image CHIS NP
MNRR Missouri National Recreational River Northern Great Plains Network Midwest Region Waiting On Someone Else yes 2015 2015 2013-1210: backing out to 2015 for now……..2013-1205: had call with NE GS and discovered pubs for Lynch, Marty, Verdel, Gross, Naper 7.5's covering Nebraska side of quads……2011-0202: Bruce Heise says Scott Lundstrom will deliver lower reach in 2012 but don't have mapping plan for rest….est 2014 for full park……2009-0909: awaiting mapping from Scott Lundstrom (USGS)……… Image
NIOB Niobrara National Scenic River Northern Great Plains Network Midwest Region Waiting On Someone Else yes 2015 2015 2013-1210: backing out to 2015 for now……..2011-0202: Margaret berry usgs project underway now…..2009-0909: awaiting mapping from USGS (Scott Lundstrom)….. Image NIOB NSR
OBRI Obed Wild and Scenic River Appalachian Highlands Network Southeast Region Waiting On Someone Else yes 2015 2015 2015-0623: end of July 2015 due____2014-0414: likely won't see until march 2015 because of CESU delay……..2014-0116: have contracted with University of Tennessee (Knoxville) to map OBRI intersecting quads in FY2014 via students and Bob Hatcher; will await mapping results and deliverables; see emails on topic……2013-1112: in discussions with Bob Hatcher (Univ of Tennessee) on trying to map 3 quads for OBRI..we need Lancing, Hebbertsburg, and Fox Creek to complete the southern tier…we have norhtern tier form TN GS pubs already and need to edge-match these…. Call on 11/14 to discuss….2013-0501: backed out to 2014….2011-0208: requires funding with TNGS, but not underway right now, so status is "not started"…. 2011-0202: Bruce Heise says earliest is 2014 for GRI mapping completion based upon working with TNGS…………….2010-1115: changed to "CBS,NGC" to reflect work that can be done converting / digitizing some TN GS data…..2008-0104: follow scoping summary and should treat BISO-OBRI as single project from watershed perspective; during scoping assigned "yes & no" to summary table and need to base scoping summary on that discussion; much digital for KY portion, but TN portion has many holes that may still need mapped and existing maps are NOT digital yet, so we'll need to digitize all of them.. Corbin, KY 30x60 (GMAP 74714) gives all of KY BISO portion digitally, but is mostly bedrock; is likely taken from 24k digital, but verify with KYGS. Tim sent note to TNGS asking about obtaining Stockton, Robbins, Rugby, Gobey, Lancing "prelimnary" compilations, and also asked about status of Isoline, Fox Creek, Hebbertsburg 7.5's which on their status map show as complete, but cannot find references anywhere for any of these; awaiting response. Also want to somehow incorporate the SIDs of all of the landslide USGS of maps; awaiting arrival of Chattanooga 1x2 individual 7.5's from USGS map sales as well; Georgia Hybels following up on it. Image
PETE Petersburg National Battlefield Mid-Atlantic Network Northeast Region Waiting On Someone Else yes 2016 2016 2014-1009: waiting for products from VA DMR….2014-0414: likely back out to 2016 for now; no project currently underway with VA DMR....2013-0501: backed out to 2014;….2011-0202: backing out to 2013 for now…..2010-0727: need to contact VA GS but they're website at speaks about these quads and Williamsburg 30x60 too and Richmond area mapping….2010-0722: GMAP 979 paper appears to be same as VA state geology, considering using this for both PETE and RICH as nothing else large-scale seems to be coming; need to discuss with Bruce Heise and make a decision…………2009-0903: project scope needs revisited with USGS and VAGS Image PETE NB
VICK Vicksburg National Military Park Gulf Coast Network Southeast Region Waiting On Someone Else yes 2016 2016 2014-0414: have plan to contract with Darrell Schmitz at Mississippi State to map VICK and deliver in FY 2016.......waiting on CESU finalization paperwork....2013-1210: backing out to 2015 for now……..2013-1122: conference call with Schmitz, Heise, Connors to discuss potential mapping projects….Saucier may have done 15' Vicksburg which covers our 4 quads perfectly…..also GMAP 70902 Saucier goes to floodplain boundary at VICK……2013-1118: sent email to contact Darrel Schmitz at Mississippi State University about helping us map VICK…he .met him at GSA 2013 Denver……2011-0131: keeping as 2014 est but likely will be later based upon no current mapping plan to complete park…..2010-0414: scoping reveals no large-scale geologic maps published, but bedrock outcrops few in the park. Need to review SRI map of park as well and then proceed with plan with MSGS Image VICK NMP
YUCH Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve Central Alaska Network Alaska Region Waiting On Someone Else yes 2015 2015 2014-0414: will try to use AK state map to fill this when it becomes available....back out to 2015 based upon karpilo workload....2013-1121: Ric Wilson says YUCH is part of statemap and will be done soon Spring 2014)…..2011-0202: Ric Wilson says USGS new map in 2013 so GRI completion in 2014 est…..2009-0923: Ric says YUCH area needs better mapping…….2007-0918: awaiting filling of AK position; think we'll use Charley River (GMAP 74503), Circle (GMAP 74504), but need updates on best digital pubs for Eagle (GMAP 3034) and Big Delta (GMAP 7380) Image YUCH NPRES

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