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Unit Code Unit Name Network Name Region Name Map Status Scope Status Fiscal Year Revised Year Notes [-] Image
VICK Vicksburg National Military Park Gulf Coast Network Southeast Region In Progress yes 2016 2016 2016-0615: in progress now; have assigned 4 gmaps to each quad received from Taryn____2015-0924: as per Heise email: VICK - Miss St grad student in second year working there, possible June delivery? Will be at GSA, can discuss timing with her then. No additional $ needed______2014-0414: have plan to contract with Darrell Schmitz at Mississippi State to map VICK and deliver in FY 2016…….waiting on CESU finalization paperwork….2013-1210: backing out to 2015 for now……..2013-1122: conference call with Schmitz, Heise, Connors to discuss potential mapping projects….Saucier may have done 15' Vicksburg which covers our 4 quads perfectly…..also GMAP 70902 Saucier goes to floodplain boundary at VICK……2013-1118: sent email to contact Darrel Schmitz at Mississippi State University about helping us map VICK…he .met him at GSA 2013 Denver……2011-0131: keeping as 2014 est but likely will be later based upon no current mapping plan to complete park…..2010-0414: scoping reveals no large-scale geologic maps published, but bedrock outcrops few in the park. Need to review SRI map of park as well and then proceed with plan with MSGS Image

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