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Unit Code Unit Name Network Name Region Name Map Status Scope Status Fiscal Year Revised Year Notes [-] Image
BISO Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area Appalachian Highlands Network Southeast Region In Progress yes 2016 2016 2015-1125: received GIS files from Albert Horton; changed status to "can be started"______2015-0930: received PDF and awaitng GIS for GMAP 76048 (Sharp Place 7.5')_____How about a call regarding BISO next Tuesday, 10am or so?2015-0924: as per Heise email: BISO - Tenn GS wrapping up, early 2016 delivery planned. No additional $ needed..______2014-0930: TNGS submitted Barthell SW 7.5' but not sure we received all necessary GIS files as part of package; needs followup and verificiation….__2014-0414: TN GS is contracted to fill in gaps; hope for delivery in 2016….2013-1230: received Oneida North data from TNGS Albert Horton via ftp and email…some files missing that show in MXD….will pursue obtaining zip of all GIS data….2013-0905: Bruce Heise says to expect Oneida North in 2014 but Barthell SW and Sharp Place by TNGS not until 2016……..added few KY GS gmaps digital to gmap db today for Corbin 30x60 pub…need to get GIS files and see about GPRA completing BISO for quads just intersecting park……2013-0506: received GIS data for Honey Creek (75621), Oneida South (75619), Rugby (75622), Stockton (75620) 7.5' quads from TNGS Ron Clendening; needs evaluated and assessed for BISO project…….2012-1211: sent email to Ron Clendening at TN GS requesting GIS files of 3 new 7.5"s of Honey Creek, Stockton, Rugby quads…awaiting delivery from Ron……. 2011-0914: need update from Heather Stanton on any progress made to date with GRI map for BISO-OBRI…..2011-0202: Bruce Heise says earliest is 2014 for GRI mapping completion based upon working with TNGS………MULTI-STATE ISSUES……2010-1115: changed to "CBS,NGC" to reflect work that can be done converting KYGS data and digitizing TN GS data……2010-0902: 2010-0428: Heise and Connors spoke with Mike Hoyal (TNGS) about their STATEMAP activities in BISO qoi's for Scotckton and Honey Creek. Discussed possibllity of supporting total of 7 quads for both BISO and OBRI in the future. Needs follow-up and would likely only be for quads intersecting park boundraies……..2010-0112: have digital for all of KY portion; Ron Corneilisu supplied desired interest in coverage up to watershed boundary for both BISO and OBRI. 2008-0104: follow scoping summary and should treat BISO-OBRI as single project from watershed perspective; during scoping assigned "yes & no" to summary table and need to base scoping summary on that discussion; much digital for KY portion, but TN portion has many holes that may still need mapped and existing maps are NOT digital yet, so we'll need to digitize all of them.. Corbin, KY 30x60 (GMAP 74714) gives all of KY BISO portion digitally, but is mostly bedrock; is likely taken from 24k digital, but verify with KYGS. Tim sent note to TNGS asking about obtaining Stockton, Robbins, Rugby, Gobey, Lancing "prelimnary" compilations, and also asked about status of Isoline, Fox Creek, Hebbertsburg 7.5's which on their status map show as complete, but cannot find references anywhere for any of these; awaiting response. Also want to somehow incorporate the SIDs of all of the landslide USGS of maps; awaiting arrival of Chattanooga 1x2 individual 7.5's from USGS map sales as well; Georgia Hybels following up on it. Image

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