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Unit Code Unit Name Network Name Region Name Map Status Scope Status Fiscal Year Revised Year Notes [-] Image
JOTR Joshua Tree National Park Mojave Desert Network Pacific West Region In Progress yes 2014 2014 2013-1106: kickoff call with Mack, O'meara, Connors…..hope to complete before Greg Mack retires……2013-0829: received latest files for GRI conversion for JOTR; needs evaluated and to have assessment and kickoff call……2012-12xx: received preliminary deliverable…….hope to finish in FY 2013…..2011-0202: Bruce says back it out to 2012……2010-0301: from Jon Matti USGS; "Just a quick note to let you know that Bob Powell and I are on schedule with Joshua Tree National Park. As we have discussed, the digital data will be provided you as a USGS Digital data Set (DDS, or whatever they call it now), as an Arc 9.3 Geodatabase with an associated .mxd project file and luuk-up tables. All the Quaternary has been digitized, and we are working on the basement now; we hope to start tagging lines and polygons no later than 30 May. The project is enormous, but we are not daunted. I fully expect to deliver the data to you by 9/30/2010."…..2009-0903: awaiting delivery from USGS probably in FY 2010 (Jon Matti and Bob Powell ) ?.........2007-0917: awaiting USGS release of "blessed" data (Bob Powell, Jon Matti); needs follow-up with USGS by Bruce Heise. Also need to re-search for Dibblee Foundation maps in the area on NGMDB Image
KOVA Kobuk Valley National Park Arctic Network Alaska Region In Progress yes 2014 2014 2013-1205: held kickoff call with Karpilo, O'meara, Chappell, Connors……2013-1112: in progress by Ron Karpilo…2013-0423: Ron Karpilo says very close to "can be started"; will be using GMAP75661 (Patton, W.W., Wilson, F.H., Labay, K.A., and Shew, Nora, 2009, Geologic map of the Yukon-Koyukuk Basin, Alaska, U.S. Geological Survey, Scientific Investigations Map SIM-2909, 1:500000 scale) and digital components……2011-0202: est 2012 USGS completion. So 2013 gri….2008-0103: Ambler River (GMAPs 3044, 2561), Baird Mts (2717, 7313), Shungnak (74508, 2847), Selawik (74507) contain KOVA. Needs sorted out and summarized still Image

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