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Unit Code Unit Name Network Name Region Name Map Status Scope Status Fiscal Year Revised Year Notes [-] Image
SAGA Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site Northeast Temperate Network Northeast Region In Progress yes 2015 2015 2015-0611: had kickoff call Connors-O'neara_chappell….in progress now___2015-0415: have received all SAGA data as preliminary: 4-7.5' quads of interest for bedrock from USGS Greg Walsh…awaiting final USGS release, but if GIS won't change it's likely we could start converting data for GMAPS 76011 and 76010____2015-0413: obtained GIS files from Walsh for Mt Ascutney 7.5x15 map; would also like to acquire 2 northern quads that are in review still_____2015-0406: The Hartland - North Hartland map I sent to you last year is still in our publications group awaiting edits, and no changes have been done to it since last year. I am working on the 2nd map for the St Gaudens area right now. I plan to have it into review this week. I will pass along all the files (1.2 GB) to keep the interns busy. The 2nd map is the Mt Ascutney 7.5' x 15'. That map is raw, and not reviewed.___2014-1209: expected April 1, 2015____2014-0414: anticipate May 2014 delivery for GRI conversion…..2013-0918: backing out to 2014……2011-0202: contract with USGS for FY 2013 delivery so optimistic for 2013 GRI completion….2010-0907: GRI has Greg Walsh (USGS) working on map…..4 quads to be delivered…..2009-1215: SAGA centered over intersection of 4 7.5's (North Hartland, Hartland VT, Claremont North, Windsor VT so multiple states. Gmap 2739 (Hartland VT) intersecting QOI but no SAGA on it, and GMAP 22724 also intersecting QOI with no SAGA on it either….arghhhhh…… doesn't extend into NH…….GMAP 56105 (NE bedrock) covers whole area at 500k and GMAP 74824 is NH state geology………2008-0619: sent final comments on scoping summary mapping piece to Trista Thornberry Ehrlich today. Currently only seem to have NH state geologics (need to acquire ??) for bedrock; check on 7.5' surficials. Image

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