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Servicewide Programs

Two men looking at bat gates over culvert
Servicewide natural resource staff provide guidance and support to parks on a variety of issues. In this photo, a partner from the California Office of Mine Reclamation assists park, Denver Service Center, and Geologic Resources staff with final inspection of culvert bat gates installed at the historic Skidoo Mine, Death Valley National Park, using funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The culverts and gates stabilize mine entrances and allow ingress and egress of resident bats while protecting the public from hazards underground. NPS photo by John Burghardt.

Servicewide natural resource programs provide much-needed services to the nearly 400 units of the National Park Service. Within each discipline, program staff offer policy and regulatory expertise, provide technical assistance and advice, help develop plans and proposals, and guide education and outreach efforts. Eight servicewide programs provide leadership in specialized areas:

Challenge funding enhanced the Air Quality, Biological Resource Management, Geologic Resources, and Water Resources programs. FY 2011 servicewide natural resource program funding is included in Appendix B (PDF - 44KB).

Last Updated: May 07, 2012