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Fiscal Year 2011 Accomplishments

Man posing with dinosaur skull disovery
GeoCorps intern poses with the brontothere skull he discovered during the 2011 paleontological locality database survey in Badlands National Park, South Dakota. NPS photo.

Seven regions encompass the nearly 400 diverse units of the National Park System. These regions face many of the same broad-scale issues, such as invasive species, energy development, and climate change, as well as issues unique to individual parks or regions. To address these challenges and protect NPS resources in parks, park, regional, network, and servicewide staff work with partners, cooperators, volunteers, and contractors.

In addition to park-specific projects, servicewide natural resource programs reach across state and regional boundaries to provide benefits for multiple parks and regions by focusing on the broad issues—such as climate change, ocean stewardship, biodiversity, and energy development—that affect resources throughout the National Park System.

This section (which corresponds to chapters 3 and 4 of the full report [PDF - 5.7MB]) includes examples of significant natural resource accomplishments made across the National Park System in FY 2011. While not all inclusive, these projects are representative of the outstanding progress being made in protecting our national parks.

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Last Updated: June 18, 2012