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NPS Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

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North View from Mount Mitchell, NC
North View from Mount Mitchell, NC. Photo by John A. Bryan, II.

The National Park Service Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (NPS IACUC/the Committee) has servicewide guidance to assist NPS units in complying with the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), its regulations (AWAR), and the Interagency Research Animal Committee (IRAC) principles for projects involving the use of vertebrate animals in research, teaching, and/or exhibition.

The NPS IACUC is charged with the responsibility of ensuring NPS compliance with the AWA, the AWAR, and the IRAC. Compliance with these laws and principles is carried out through project review, facility inspection, and reporting. NPS IACUC membership consists of an AWAR-mandated core of three (e.g. the Chair, the Attending Veterinarian, and the Unaffiliated Member At-Large) and seven NPS regional representatives (i.e. one per region). The NPS IACUC is an officially registered IACUC with the USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service, Animal Care unit (USDA APHIS AC).

This website is intended to serve as a general tool to help you achieve your animal welfare goals, and to address questions regarding the NPS IACUC and how you can use it.

** If your project has already received review and approval by an IACUC other than the NPS IACUC, you need only to attach 2 documents to an email and send them to The two documents are: 1.) A copy of your approving IACUC's official approval notice, and 2.) A copy of your complete Study Plan; i.e. what your approving IACUC approved. You need not complete any of the NPS IACUC submission or amendment forms.

Go to the Project Review page for all NPS IACUC forms (General Submission, Annual Renewal, and Exhibitor Submission Forms).

For more detailed inquiries or concerns, please contact the NPS IACUC directly:

1201 Oakridge Drive, Suite 200
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525

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Last Updated: October 26, 2015