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Get Involved in Biodiversity Discovery

Students in Death Valley
Sante Fe College students at Death Valley National Park inspect the contents of their aspirator used to collect small invertebrates.

You can help protect our natural resources by becoming involved in one of the many projects to discover biodiversity in parks. Whether you are a student, teacher, inquisitive mind, or scientist there is a role for you! Check out the upcoming events to find an opportunity near you.

Citizen Scientists

There is no needed expertise, you can help collect specimens, fill out data sheets, document findings with photography, update databases, or just learn. It is recommended that schools and other large groups interested in participating contact a ranger at the park of interest to coordinate during the event.

A scientist and volunteer look for species in soil.
A scientist and a volunteer search for specimens in a soil sample at Acadia National Park's 2009 minor Order BioBlitz.

Professional Scientists

The National Park Service is in need of researchers to help lead teams and or perform research to share their knowledge and experience with the public participants of at events. If you have an interest in completing a short or prolonged inventory of a specific taxonomic group, please check back for a calendar of upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

July 13-16, 2012 2012 Acadia National Park BioBlitz: The National Park Service, Maine Forest Service, Maine Entomological Society, University of Maine, University of New Hampshire, and the SERC Institute are pleased to sponsor the 10th
annual bioblitz at Acadia National Park on July 13-16, 2012 which will target aquatic insects. The event is open to professional entomologists, amateur naturalists, and other interested persons.
August 24-25, 2012

The Rocky Mountain National Park BioBlitz in partnership with the National Geographic Society, is two-day celebration of biodiversity that centers on a 24-hour discovery of species. Teams of experts, students, and public
volunteers will explore the park's majestic mountains, meadows, lakes, streams, forests, and tundra to have as many personal species discoveries as possible.

June 19-21, 2012 Great Basin National Park will host A BioBlitz concentrating on the Order Diptera (flies). Dr. Riley Nelson (Brigham Young University) will lead the effort, with assistance from the Nevada Department of Agriculture and otherentomologists. The event will include a workshop, 48 hour collection period, and educational programs to share the importance of Diptera with park visitors and staff.

Last Updated: January 23, 2015