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Grand Canyon National Park

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    Looking Northwest
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Visual Range is about 131 miles • updated 04/16/2014 06:30 AM MST
View from Yavapai Point Looking Northwest
Ozone(O3) at the Abyss Monitoring Site 

O3 concentration Current Today's
8-hour average unavailable 52 ppb   53 ppb  
1-hour average unavailable unavailable  55 ppb  

*Ozone (O3) is measured in parts per billion (ppb)

AQI Ozone

Weather at the Abyss Monitoring Site

Current temperature  unavailable  
Yesterday's minimum temperature  45 F 
Yesterday's maximum temperature  62 F 
Current relative humidity  unavailable  
Yesterday's minimum relative humidity  6 % 
Yesterday's maximum relative humidity  18 % 
Current wind speed   unavailable 
Current wind direction unavailable
Current solar radiation  0 watts/m 2 
Precipitation in last hour   NA 
Precipitation since midnight  0.00 in. 
Yesterday's precipitation  0.00 in. 

Visibility  updated 04/16/2014 05:00 AM MST

Approximate Visual Range
Current Yesterday's
  131 miles 175 miles 127 miles

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Ozone - O3
Ozone concentration is ***O3*** parts per billion air quality index (AQI) for Ozone and Particulate Matter from good to unhealthy
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unavailable- unavailable

Precipitation - 1 hr

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