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Appalachian Highlands
Valley and Ridge province

Folded rocks in the Appalachians

This image and text are modified from NASA website.

spacer image The area shown is approximately 30.5 km by 38 km.(19 miles by 24 miles). North is towards the upper right of the image.
spacer image The river junction near the top of the image is where the West Branch River flows into the Susquehanna River. The town of Sunbury (see white arrow) is shown along the Susquehanna on the east just to the southeast of the junction with West Branch.
spacer image Three man-made structures cross the Susquehanna; the northern and southern of these structures are bridges and middle structure is the Shamokin Dam which confines the Susquehanna just south of the junction with West Branch. The prominent S-shaped mountain ridge in the center of the image is, from north to south, Little Mountain (the top of the S), Line Mountain (the middle of the S), and Mahantango Mountain (the bottom of the S). Learn more about space images at NASA website.

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